Client Testimonials

Kitchen & Main Floor Renovation

Doris & David Sanders

David & Doris came to us with the challenge of renovating their kitchen and main floor. They were looking for a specific style and feel which they hadn’t been able to achieve with previous renovators. We came up with a great layout and modern kitchen that suited their style and needs perfectly. View our 2 minute video which outlines Doris and David’s thoughts on their renovation.

Hillside Extensive Rebuild

This extensive rebuild involved tearing off the previous roof, gutting the basement and the main floor, and adding on a third floor. Essentially, this is a new custom home.

Two Homes, One Contractor in Victoria, BC

Ryan Jabs

We chose Dave Stephens and LIDA Homes to complete a pair of custom homes after we’d finalized the rezoning process with the City of Victoria. The two homes required a unique approach, as the lots weren’t large and had a creative configuration to make the best use of the available space.

It was LIDA Homes’ proven ability to stay on time and on budget, from start to finish, that gave us the confidence to choose this team to build our new home.

Our home designer recommended LIDA Homes for our project, and we interviewed a few other local contractors to find the right team for us. After meeting with Dave, we were impressed with his professional demeanor and straightforward attitude. We reviewed pictures of homes completed by the LIDA Homes team, and went onsite to two of the jobs his team was working on. We were impressed with the professionalism of the trades working on the jobsite; they were friendly and respectful, just like Dave.

Ahead of Schedule

Our initial plan was to have our first home constructed within six months. We stayed with family while our home was built, and while this was a great situation, we were thrilled to learn we’d be able to move into our new home a month ahead of schedule.

Dave was fully capable of anticipating potential challenges; it was his foresight and planning abilities that clearly demonstrated his construction experience. Attention to detail, effective communications, and a high level of experience – from Dave as well as his team – were the main reasons we were able to move into our new home a month earlier than expected.

Budget Focused, Quality Results

Dave was great about showing us areas where we could save money without sacrificing quality, and in the few instances where the original design concept wasn’t ideal from a construction point of view, he presented us with alternatives that helped us get what we wanted without negatively affecting the overall design.

On the initial project, we paid the bills directly, which allowed us to collect Air Miles and develop a solid understanding of what the construction costs were. This was an excellent learning experience, and Dave helped us feel well informed throughout the process. If I had questions or concerns about the way something was being built, Dave was able to explain it to me so I could appreciate the need for change, or he’d have his guys make it right.

LIDA Homes built the first home for us, and based on the success of the initial project, it was a simple decision to choose to work with them on the second home.

We found LIDA Homes to be the ideal combination of experience, quality, and price for our custom home construction in Victoria.

Bathroom & Flooring Renovation

We know that selecting a reputable contractor can sometimes be a daunting task if you don’t know what the look for. That’s why we’re open and honest about our entire process, start to finish. This 2 minute video shows you a recent home renovation we completed. The client takes you through the process and explains how we helped transform her home.

Darren and Beth Laur, Victoria, BC

We’d been in our home for a few years, and when it was time for us to renovate we turned to Dave Stephens and the LIDA Homes team. We’d met Dave previously, but we weren’t ready for a renovation at that time. His honesty and openness impressed us, so when we were ready to renovate, he was our first call.

LIDA Homes gave us the keys to a few of the homes they were building so we could see the type of work they were capable of. We were impressed with the level of quality in the homes we visited, as well as the trust and respect they gave us by handing over the keys.

How was the construction team?

The trades working with LIDA Homes were respectful, honest, mature, and professional. If they made a mistake, they were the first to admit it and took accountability for everything. Beth was worried that some of the questions she asked might be considered silly, but the guys didn’t make her feel bad for asking, and made sure to explain everything so she could be comfortable with the answer.

The President of LIDA Homes, Dave, came to the jobsite every day to check on his team and ensure the project was on schedule, and if he wasn’t onsite, we knew he was a call or an email away.

How did LIDA Homes demonstrate their commitment to customer service?

From the very beginning, we knew we were getting Dave’s honest opinion. He was a stickler for staying on budget, and if we suggested a change to the project he was good about helping us make the right decision for our home. We felt we were in good hands, and we were confident we’d be thrilled with the results. We were.

What we liked best about Dave and the LIDA Homes team: they did what they said they’d do, when they said they’d do it.

We had a lot of fun during the renovation, and I’m not sure many people can say that. We enjoyed the team, we were happy with the process, and we were thrilled with the results. Dave and his team did an amazing job of keeping the site professional, but fun. The trades seemed to enjoy what they were doing, and they were experts at their craft. All of the LIDA Homes jobsites are smoke-free, and to be funny I went to a local restaurant and took a bunch of the cigarette butts from their lot. I sprinkled them around the jobsite, and the crew thought it was funny, and luckily, so did Dave. I never imagined we’d have a crew I felt comfortable enough to play practical jokes with, but this team felt like family.

Dave and the LIDA Homes team were perfect – professional when required and fun when appropriate. We’re still very happy with our renovation, and we’re confident that Dave and his team will do their best for your job, too.

S. Green – Victoria VBC

I have been very pleased with the level of service I have received from LIDA Homes and now use the service on a regular basis for our home and rental properties. Mr. Stephens is very professional and sincere in his desire to provide the best customer service possible.

R. Piercy, Victoria, BC

The final product was excellent. The trades people arrived on time, did quality work and finished promptly. Our project finished on time and on budget. I would recommend LIDA Homes to anyone who is thinking of renovating or building.

Tania Mcclelland, Victoria, BC

“I cannot say enough on how great Dave was when I asked him to look at my deck and, roof. He was honest and is trustworthy. I am a single parent; shift worker; one daughter was involved in a school trip to Nepal to build a library, which took a lot of parent involvement; other daughter becoming a paramedic; two dogs; volunteer; taking courses; mom’s taxi; the house were all the girls friends hang out; and to top it all off a homeowner. I had enough on my plate than to worry about a rotten deck and a 25 year old roof. I wanted someone I could trust, have the jobs done right the first time, I did not want to wait around all day wondering if the trades were going to show or not; or take months upon months of nagging to get the jobs done. Dave had the jobs done quickly, professionally, the trades who came to work on the house where nice, caring, punctual, trustworthly, and very professional. Most of all, I was not taken advantage of because I have no clue about rotten decks and leaky roofs. Thanks Dave!”

Wendy and Darrell

“Lida Homes renovated our en-suite and main bathroom. My fiance and I had very little experience on this type of project and Dave, with Lida Homes, was of great assistance. Dave understood our goals and ensured those goals were met. Any concerns we had during the project Dave ensured that they were corrected to our satisfaction. Throughout our project Dave displayed that customer satisfaction was of the utmost importance. We are very satisfied with the outcome of our project and the bathrooms look great! Our decision to go with Lida Homes was definitely the right one considering all the horror stories we heard about other contractors.”

Coinna Craig, Victoria, BC

“Fabulous. I can’t say enough about how amazing each tradesperson was to work with. Every individual that I met was pleasant, listened to what I wanted or though and did their very best to produce my vision. And then there was Dave who oversaw everything. Dave called or dropped by daily to ensure everything was proceeding as planned (and responded with grace and humour when I occasionally changed a plan!). Dave’s common sense approach to my renos helped me relax about everything. It’s hard to trust someone to take apart and then put back together your home, but Dave inspired absolute trust and confidence. I added in a few things as we proceeded and was expecting that my changes would add quite a bit to the contract price that Dave and Lida Homes had providing to me. I was wrong the ‘add ins’ that I wanted were less than $1,000 above the original contact price!! I can’t say enough about the work Dave and Lida Homes did for me! Thank you!!!”

Rob and Rachel

“Dave Stephens sets high personal and professional standards. He clearly accepts nothing less from the contractors he selects for his customers’ projects.Dave provided us with a competitive quote for roofing, fascia boards and gutters as part of our home upgrades. Dave encouraged us to get quotes from other businesses so we could make an informed consumer choice. At the end of the process, Dave met the lowest bidder’s price and provided superior materials for the job. Each of the sub-contracted workers were polite, personable and professional. We had complete confidence in their work from start to finish.LIDA Homes delivers on its promise of complete customer satisfaction by following through on a proven business model: Skilled, honest workers providing professional service at a fair price. Can’t ask for more than that.”Thanks again Dave, we appreciate all your efforts!

The Hill Family, Victoria, BC

“Dave is one in a million, a general contractor who is honest, trustworthy and communicative. He is a genuinely nice guy and does everything in his power to make his clients happy. We talked to other contractors before we chose Dave and it was apparent right away that Dave and LIDA Homes was the right choice for us. We are very happy we made that choice every day we enjoy our dream home. With a growing family we bought a large 1985 built home that was great on the outside and all 1985 on the inside. Dave helped us plan the renovation and we set an ambitious schedule. From the day we took possession till the day we moved in was about 2 months. In that time LIDA Homes replaced all the perimeter drains, gutted the place to the studs and essentially created an entirely new house inside from foundation to rafters. Dave ran the whole operation like clockwork and we are very impressed with the results. At times there were up to a dozen separate trades all working on the place at the same time. We can’t imagine trying to co-ordinate that ourselves but Dave did it and had the whole job done and dusted on time for us to move in. We are very impressed with the result. A job very well done.Dave knows his building trades and has the best people only a phone call away. He’s worth his weight in gold for that alone. When it all turns to custard (and in renovations something always does) Dave keeps a level head and always knows who to call. He proved time and time again we could rely on him to make it right and we are very thankful we chose Dave and LIDA Homes.”

Francisco Aviles, Victoria, BC

“Prior to hiring LIDA Homes Inc., we hired a ‘handy man’ who bit into something more than what he could handle. It was a nightmare. The previous contractor led us on about the jobs being done, and the time they were going to be done. Needless to say, he never finished the job because he was not capable of doing it. Honestly, it was a ‘Holmes on Homes’ episode! Once LIDA Homes Inc. came into the picture, the jobs were being done by professionals, on time! It was scary hiring someone to start a job that someone else began, but LIDA Homes Inc. made the transition easy. From day one, LIDA Homes Inc. gave us a quote, the right qualified persons for the right jobs. We will always be thankful for the great job done each time we step foot in the finished area.”

Angela and Patrick Verriour, Victoria, BC

“Over the past year we have called on Dave Stephens of Lida Homes to assist us on two separate occasions. The first involved coordinating and overseeing a major repair and renovation project at our home. The promptness with which he responded to our initial call and the quality of work performed by the various firms he organized for us was very impressive. So much so that when we required an expert to assess another issue on our property we naturally turned to Dave and once again he was able to resolve our problem. We feel that we were very fortunate to find Dave Stephen’s referral service and highly recommend his work.”


I wish to thank you and all your wonderfully skilled tradesmen for the exceptional job of transforming my home and attached neighbour’s from a sad looking 70’s to a beautiful home of the current year. Not only were the crew skilled but so dedicated and proud in doing a good job. A good bunch of guys and one very hard working girl too. I still see people passing by and stopping to look and have had many make comments about how nice it looks and what a good job was done. Your company name will be passed on at every opportunity that may come up in the future. Many thanks!

Chris Lockley, Victoria, BC

“Several years ago I walked into a restaurant in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. I was the only patron present. Four hours later I was sick. The reason I speak to this story is because you should always beware an empty restaurant, an empty movie theater, an idle garage or an idle General Contractor. With my hand over my heart, this is not the case with LIDA Homes Inc. Dave and his team of professional, courteous artisans took my aged, rotting home and transformed it into a show case home while keeping the theme of the neighborhood. The work they do is done respectfully (I have young children and at no time did the contractors make excessive noise or use profanity). I am completely satisfied with the job and the great supervision that Dave provided through the entire renovation process. He immediately addressed our concerns and kept the quality of the work up to the highest standard. Returning to my opening statement, the only problem with Dave is that he is such a likable guy, it would be interesting to have a conversation with him for over 5 minutes that wasn’t interrupted by his cell phone. I guess that is a measure of the quality of Lida Homes.”