Meet the LIDA Homes Team

Some companies say they’re committed to customer service, but at LIDA Homes, we think actions speak louder than words. We build customer satisfaction into every home we touch, through our attention to detail, professional expertise, and transparent building process. Our team is comprised of highly skilled craftsman, creative and innovative designers, and compassionate individuals. Their commitment to excellence is what differentiates a LIDA built custom home and we take great pride in carrying that tradition.

Dave Stephens


Dave has been building custom homes and developing properties for 23 years. He has been featured on Chek TV and was recently selected for enlistment on the “2017 Men to Watch” list in Seaside Magazine. Dave enjoys fostering an inclusive and enjoyable work environment for his employees and seeing a smile on the client’s face when the project has been completed. He enjoys traveling with his wife, Lisa, reading, and has three children, Gareth, Connor, and Travis.

Jordan Grant

Project Manager

Jordan has 23 years of experience in the construction industry in both the renovations and custom carpentry side. His favorite part of the job is interacting with clients and helping them obtain their vision. Jordan’s ability to relate with clients and form relationship’s while guiding them through what can be a stressful, but rewarding, process is what makes him successful in this industry. Jordan has a beautiful Wife, Kelly, six children and a dog named Oakley. He enjoys spending time with his family, camping, and sports.

Shawn Richardson

Interior Designer & Project Support Manager

Shawn has 15 years of experience in the industry as an interior designer and project manager specializing in custom millwork. Previously holding a position as a partner at a boutique design firm in Calgary, Shawn enjoys problem solving and working with clients. She was featured as a lead designer on HGTV and the hit show Property Brothers. Shawn appreciates spending time with her amazing daughter, Emily, and her partner, Jordan. An invaluable member of the LIDA team, Shawn enjoys cooking for friends and experiencing local events in her spare time.

Lisa Stephens

Office Manager

Lisa has 24 years of experience in an office administration role and enjoys finishing an amazing project. Her passive and sociable demeanor make her a valuable asset to the LIDA team and her interactions with clients. Lisa and her husband, Dave, have been married for 26 years with three boys. Their dog, Spike, otherwise known as “The Gangster,” serves as a slightly overweight stress reliever in the LIDA Homes office space. Lisa enjoys hiking, reading, and travelling in her spare time.

Clint Bilben


Clint has been in the industry for 10 years and enjoys the process of developing a project from an idea to a reality. His ability to ensure that job sites are respectful, safe, and honest environments are a few of the qualities that have contributed to his successes in the industry. Clint recently moved to Victoria with his Wife, they enjoy hiking, mountain biking, and skiing in their spare time.

Trevor Botkin


Trevor is a red seal carpenter with 22 years of experience in the construction industry, with 10 of those years in a management role. He was a faculty member of the building sciences department at a leading Victoria design school and enjoys the process of bringing a vision to life. Trevor’s diversity of experience in the industry distinguish him as unique talent and valuable asset to the LIDA construction crew. He enjoys hiking, mountaineering, or any other outdoor related activities.

Scott Girling


Scott, a red seal carpenter with over 10 years of experience building custom homes and executing renovations, enjoys seeing the project develop from a sketch on paper to a finished project. His organizational skills and determination have catalyzed his early successes in the construction industry. He lives with his girlfriend and their two cats; spending his spare time in the outdoors: hunting, hiking, and challenging himself with new adventures.

Donny Campbell


Donny is a red seal carpenter and has 18 years of experience in the industry. His favorite part of the job is bringing the client’s vision to life. His leadership and confidence are what differentiates him in such a highly competitive industry. He has a wife, Angie, a two-year-old daughter, Juno, a seven-month old son, Ari, and a chocolate lab named Johnny Cash. Donny enjoys hockey and hanging out with friends and family in his spare time.

Nick Drake


Nick is a red seal journeyman carpenter and has 8 years of industry experience. Nick enjoys building high-quality homes with the afterthought that his creation will last for generations to come. His problem solving skills and creative mentality are two valuable attributes that set him apart from his peers. Nick and his partner enjoy escaping to the outdoors and Victoria’s unparalleled beauty.

Lukasz Kuzio

Lead Carpenter

Luke has worked in the industry for 5 years, his favorite part of the job is bringing the client’s dream to life. His mentality, in regards to custom construction, can be described as “build it like you would build your own home.” His attention to detail and likable personality are what make him successful in this industry. Nick, along with beautiful Wife and five-month-old daughter enjoy fishing, playing guitar, hockey, and baseball.

Jody Scown

Office Administration

Jody, a member of our office administration staff, has 25 years of experience in her respective role. She enjoys working for a business with a tight-knit team oriented culture and a lean corporate structure. Jody’s accounting experience, organizational skills, and attention to detail are what make her a highly valued member of the LIDA team. She has two cats (very much spoiled), and enjoys going to movies and weekend brunch with friends.

Luke McManus

Lead Carpenter

Luke is a red seal carpenter with 10 years of experience in the industry. He enjoys solving the day to day problems that arise with custom construction as well as being outside. His expansive skill set allows him to contribute, not only on the carpentry side, but to many other aspects of a custom build as well. He was recently married to his wife, Leah, and their dog, Molly – they enjoy hiking and going to the beach.